wtorek, 29 kwietnia 2014


Last two days I was running pretty much normal. Made 9,96$ in 50 SnGs with a ROI of 45,28%. I switched my strategy a little bit these days.  I decided to run only 4 SnGs in one time instead of multitabling 15 SnGs like earlier. I figured out that I can make more money this way just to try to exploit these weak players more and more. I am CRUSHING their range in all ins situations and exploiting bubble perfectly. I figured out that this site has no regulars on these limits. Playing only 4 tables give me also an opportunity to use my shoving chart, I have time for that.

It comes from the book "Kill everyone" and it's edited by Andre Coimbra and ready to print.

Hopefully I will reach 50$ to the end of this week. Then I'll start play some 1$ SnGs.

Today I had a lot of Titan Software issues. I could made a lot more money but it fckd up on where I had opened 3 tables. At 2 of them there was a bubble where I had chips lead in one and 2nd stack in 2nd and the 3rd table I was heads up with 2:1 chiplead. Then software crushed and I had to restart my PC. When I came back I was blinded out. Not cool Titan, not cool.

niedziela, 27 kwietnia 2014


I reached 10$ after 2 days of playing freerolls. Then I started to SNGs 0,10€, 0,20€ and 0,50€ 6max and a few double up. Saturday was so damn swingy. I finished 92 sngs with a profit only 0,78$ and ROI 3,88%. Sunday was better but still so swingy. I won 4,35$ with ROI 12,88%.

I was running so bad during this weekend. Way under red line in Holdem Manager. I had the best hand preflop while all ins something like 90% of the time in SNGs but suckouts were everywhere. Players on these limits calls your all in with Q9o, 75s and all garbage like this.

I reached 3 times of 4 final table in 25$ Guaranteed Freeroll with a field around 230 people each, cashing for 11$. Structure of these are awesome for players with skill edge like me! I was 3rd two times and one time 4th. I am still very proud of myself anyway. In the first one I lost my all chips flipping my AQ vs 22, in the second I lost all in with my AQ vs K8 (WTF WITH THESE FCKN AQs?! WSOP no1 suckout hand)

In the last freeroll I have done something impossible. Just look at that screenshot:

I started FT as 7th stack. I was playing perfect this FT to that moment. Just after that screenshot I lost 6 of 6 all-ins where I had the best hand preflop 5 times. What are the odds for that situation? My last hand on that tournament was my KJs vs 34o.  Yes, yes, yes people plays hands like these for their entire stack on Titan. One word: RUNNERS.


My bankroll is 22,29$ now. Don't worry! I'll grind it up to 100$ very soon!

piątek, 25 kwietnia 2014


Welcome on my Bankroll Challenge Blog. I am kickalion, the Team Gripsed member click here. I decided to do my own poker challenge to turn 0$ into 1000$ and then to more $$$, who knows.

How is it possible to make money starting with nothing? Well, I have found that ipoker network site called Titan poker has a freerolls 6 max one table sin n go tournaments which pay 0,20$ for 1st place and 0,1$ for 2nd place. You can join to three of them every hour. You can also start in 25$ guaranteed MTT freeroll which have awesome structure compared to the other freerolls availible in the net. You start with 20 000 chips and blinds levels are 8 minutes, pay 10$ for 1st place, 6$ for 2nd, 4$ - 3rd, 3$-4th, 2$ for 5th.

I decided to do my challenge in 4 major steps.


At the beginning I'm going to play freerolls til I hit 10$ to work with them. I'd like to do it very quickly because I think that all these freerolls are so damn boring. So the faster I finish this step the better for me.


In the next part of my challenge I'm going to play SNGs. Titan has 6 max and full ring STT with buy in 0,10€, 0,20€ and 0,50€. I'm gonna include also Cash Games. As soon as I win 100$ step third begins.


Ok, I have 100$ on my Titan Poker account. This is the moment to take advantage over first deposit bonuses offered by the site. I'm going to deposit 100$ to my account, its because Titan offers 200% bonus from the first deposit. I will elso receive instant cash bonus. Since I made my first deposit I'll be able to withdraw my 100$ to keep 100$ on my account + instant cash bonus. 


GRIND GRIND GRIND!!! At this point I will be grinding a lot to clear my bonus fast. I'm going to play everything I want to play that I have at least 40 buyins for. 
You can track me using a site like macropoker.com , my nick on titan is IlovJustinBieber. Here is a linkclick here


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