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Welcome on my Bankroll Challenge Blog. I am kickalion, the Team Gripsed member click here. I decided to do my own poker challenge to turn 0$ into 1000$ and then to more $$$, who knows.

How is it possible to make money starting with nothing? Well, I have found that ipoker network site called Titan poker has a freerolls 6 max one table sin n go tournaments which pay 0,20$ for 1st place and 0,1$ for 2nd place. You can join to three of them every hour. You can also start in 25$ guaranteed MTT freeroll which have awesome structure compared to the other freerolls availible in the net. You start with 20 000 chips and blinds levels are 8 minutes, pay 10$ for 1st place, 6$ for 2nd, 4$ - 3rd, 3$-4th, 2$ for 5th.

I decided to do my challenge in 4 major steps.


At the beginning I'm going to play freerolls til I hit 10$ to work with them. I'd like to do it very quickly because I think that all these freerolls are so damn boring. So the faster I finish this step the better for me.


In the next part of my challenge I'm going to play SNGs. Titan has 6 max and full ring STT with buy in 0,10€, 0,20€ and 0,50€. I'm gonna include also Cash Games. As soon as I win 100$ step third begins.


Ok, I have 100$ on my Titan Poker account. This is the moment to take advantage over first deposit bonuses offered by the site. I'm going to deposit 100$ to my account, its because Titan offers 200% bonus from the first deposit. I will elso receive instant cash bonus. Since I made my first deposit I'll be able to withdraw my 100$ to keep 100$ on my account + instant cash bonus. 


GRIND GRIND GRIND!!! At this point I will be grinding a lot to clear my bonus fast. I'm going to play everything I want to play that I have at least 40 buyins for. 
You can track me using a site like macropoker.com , my nick on titan is IlovJustinBieber. Here is a linkclick here


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