wtorek, 29 kwietnia 2014


Last two days I was running pretty much normal. Made 9,96$ in 50 SnGs with a ROI of 45,28%. I switched my strategy a little bit these days.  I decided to run only 4 SnGs in one time instead of multitabling 15 SnGs like earlier. I figured out that I can make more money this way just to try to exploit these weak players more and more. I am CRUSHING their range in all ins situations and exploiting bubble perfectly. I figured out that this site has no regulars on these limits. Playing only 4 tables give me also an opportunity to use my shoving chart, I have time for that.

It comes from the book "Kill everyone" and it's edited by Andre Coimbra and ready to print.

Hopefully I will reach 50$ to the end of this week. Then I'll start play some 1$ SnGs.

Today I had a lot of Titan Software issues. I could made a lot more money but it fckd up on where I had opened 3 tables. At 2 of them there was a bubble where I had chips lead in one and 2nd stack in 2nd and the 3rd table I was heads up with 2:1 chiplead. Then software crushed and I had to restart my PC. When I came back I was blinded out. Not cool Titan, not cool.

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