czwartek, 15 maja 2014


My current bankroll is 233,86$. Here is a picture:

I was playing almost only 0,2/0,5c fast fold poker last few day. Most money I won come from fast fold holdem. Action is so fast on these tables. It's a perfect game to put a lot of volume and release 1st deposit bonuses. I am still looking for my playing style on these tables. One session I play almost like a NIT, another session I play super loose and agressive which makes my LAGish graph so swingy. Anyway I make a profit in both styles.

 I also won also18$ in freerolls MTTs and received some bonuses.

 I am gonna take a shot at 10NL as soon as I will have 25-30 Buyins for that limit. I will reach also a new VIP status next session which is cool.

poniedziałek, 12 maja 2014

Cash Games, Bonuses, Free Tickets

My bankroll is 132.78$ now. I won around 35$ throught Friday to Sunday and I also received many free cash for my place in leaderboards, some rakeback and other promotions. Here is the graph from last weekend:

I also deposited 100$ to my account (as I said in my first post on my blog) to unlock another bonuses. I also withdrawed these 100$ a day later so these extra 100$ doesn't count to my bankroll. You might say that it is a cheat in my challenge but if I won over 100$ before that money transfer I think that it's the same situation as I would withdraw all my money earned to this point and deposited it again. So I have now 200$ pendling bonus I need to work for. I received also some tickets to freerolls.

This week my plan is to play Speed Poker, I think that it will give me some extra volume I need to unlock my free money bonus.

czwartek, 8 maja 2014

UP, UP, UP!!! 

On Wednesday I had one losing session. I was running under EV line. They coolered me for a big pot one time, I catched a a big bluff and won a big pot with a small pair once and I also bluffed once in bad spot and I lost 1 buy in. I also won many many small pots and I ended up with -1,69$. I played for something like 1 hour then I didn't really feel well about my play that day so I quited session. You gotta know when to finish and not to tilt off more money.

The very next day was perfect. Actually I played one session for 2 hours. Here is a graph from this session:

As you can see there was almost no variance that day for me. I won 17,61$ and my bankroll is 75,18$.  I have a pretty good reads on guys on these limits. I know when to 3bet, when to 2 or 3 barrel, when they are bluffing and so on. I can take down many many small pots without a showdown but I think that these small pots are even more important then these big pots. 

wtorek, 6 maja 2014


Hey! I got 50,19$ on my account now. 

I had a free Monday, I didn't play anything. On Tuesday I won 10,36$ playing cash games. My rate was 10,38/100bb. 

I played also some MTTs freerolls but suckout in both on them being very deep in them. First I pushed AKs and got called by JTo. Flop comes ATx, 7 on turn and baaam! T on river. Fckn suckout man! In the second I had AcAd. Flop comes 8xx all clubs and one idiot push donk all in on this flop. He shows me K8o with K of clubs and bang! 8 of blue on the turn and I am out. I lost two tournaments where I was a big favourite which sucks.

I used Gold Coins to open a Treasure Boxes and I received 2 tokens for 2€ 12man SNG and 1$ for flip SnG. 

A good news are that I won a flip and finished 12man SNG on the second place so my bankroll is 59,10$ now.

niedziela, 4 maja 2014


Weekend was ok. Actually I played only on Sunday, I gave myself a free Saturday. I started day playing SNGs which I finished losing some money. I played also a two 0,50€ and 2€ MTT (it's outside good bankroll managment but I felt good to play some MTT and only it was running). I didn't cashed in it. I was down to something like 28$. 

At the evening I wanted to try some cash games. I was playing 8 tables at the time during 1 hour. I won around 11$ which is cool. I think I am gonna stick with cash games now. 
Here is a graph and some numbers.:

Look what I FLOPPED one time!!! Two pair hand gave me some action and I won a pretty big pot.

It was 4th Royal Flush ever for me.

piątek, 2 maja 2014


I run normal last 2 days. I am happy because it seems that my little downswing is over. Actually I had one more session in the day I wrote last post and I won around 7$. Today I won another couple $$$ so I have around 35$ now. I am so confident in my skills and I believe that I can make a constant profit next couple days and move to HIGHER STAKES!!!. I played also two or three 0,5$ MTTs and one 1,1$ MTT but without a success.

I just realized how difficult it is to beat a rake on these stakes. I played 309 tourneys (not freerolls) since my challenge started and I payed 21,50$ rake which is 0,14$/game. I think it's a lot. My average buy in is around 0,5$. Here is my rake graph:

My conclusion: You need to win a lot of 6max SnGs to make a profit. 2nd places are not enough. You win only a half of buy in losing heads up. So go ahead and exploit a bubble to have a huge stack, shove very light in blind vs blind situations, take flips on your chest and do not lose heads up.

czwartek, 1 maja 2014


Hello guys. I knew that I will bet on a downswing during that challenge sometimes but I didn't think that that fast. I lost 10$ in 2 days, it's 20 buy ins. Look at that graph below:

It showes all my hands played in SnGs last 2 days, I run way below EV. Yea, I know it is a short term variance but WTF titan? It seems like I lose every single fckn hand. When I am dominating another hand they suck out on me and when I am dominated sometimes I can't suck out on them. I miss every draw, they are coolering me all day long and calling my all ins during the bubble with K6o even when I am chip leader and there is shorter stack then he has. These players don't pay any attention! If I would run normal I would reach 50$ or more after first week of my challenge for sure.

I AM NOT RESULTS ORIENTED so my plan is to continue my sng strategy. If I lose another 10$ I am gonna switch to cash games 0,01/0,02€ or something. If I lose my whole bankroll the challenge is failed.