czwartek, 15 maja 2014


My current bankroll is 233,86$. Here is a picture:

I was playing almost only 0,2/0,5c fast fold poker last few day. Most money I won come from fast fold holdem. Action is so fast on these tables. It's a perfect game to put a lot of volume and release 1st deposit bonuses. I am still looking for my playing style on these tables. One session I play almost like a NIT, another session I play super loose and agressive which makes my LAGish graph so swingy. Anyway I make a profit in both styles.

 I also won also18$ in freerolls MTTs and received some bonuses.

 I am gonna take a shot at 10NL as soon as I will have 25-30 Buyins for that limit. I will reach also a new VIP status next session which is cool.

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