piątek, 2 maja 2014


I run normal last 2 days. I am happy because it seems that my little downswing is over. Actually I had one more session in the day I wrote last post and I won around 7$. Today I won another couple $$$ so I have around 35$ now. I am so confident in my skills and I believe that I can make a constant profit next couple days and move to HIGHER STAKES!!!. I played also two or three 0,5$ MTTs and one 1,1$ MTT but without a success.

I just realized how difficult it is to beat a rake on these stakes. I played 309 tourneys (not freerolls) since my challenge started and I payed 21,50$ rake which is 0,14$/game. I think it's a lot. My average buy in is around 0,5$. Here is my rake graph:

My conclusion: You need to win a lot of 6max SnGs to make a profit. 2nd places are not enough. You win only a half of buy in losing heads up. So go ahead and exploit a bubble to have a huge stack, shove very light in blind vs blind situations, take flips on your chest and do not lose heads up.

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