poniedziałek, 12 maja 2014

Cash Games, Bonuses, Free Tickets

My bankroll is 132.78$ now. I won around 35$ throught Friday to Sunday and I also received many free cash for my place in leaderboards, some rakeback and other promotions. Here is the graph from last weekend:

I also deposited 100$ to my account (as I said in my first post on my blog) to unlock another bonuses. I also withdrawed these 100$ a day later so these extra 100$ doesn't count to my bankroll. You might say that it is a cheat in my challenge but if I won over 100$ before that money transfer I think that it's the same situation as I would withdraw all my money earned to this point and deposited it again. So I have now 200$ pendling bonus I need to work for. I received also some tickets to freerolls.

This week my plan is to play Speed Poker, I think that it will give me some extra volume I need to unlock my free money bonus.

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