niedziela, 4 maja 2014


Weekend was ok. Actually I played only on Sunday, I gave myself a free Saturday. I started day playing SNGs which I finished losing some money. I played also a two 0,50€ and 2€ MTT (it's outside good bankroll managment but I felt good to play some MTT and only it was running). I didn't cashed in it. I was down to something like 28$. 

At the evening I wanted to try some cash games. I was playing 8 tables at the time during 1 hour. I won around 11$ which is cool. I think I am gonna stick with cash games now. 
Here is a graph and some numbers.:

Look what I FLOPPED one time!!! Two pair hand gave me some action and I won a pretty big pot.

It was 4th Royal Flush ever for me.

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