czwartek, 1 maja 2014


Hello guys. I knew that I will bet on a downswing during that challenge sometimes but I didn't think that that fast. I lost 10$ in 2 days, it's 20 buy ins. Look at that graph below:

It showes all my hands played in SnGs last 2 days, I run way below EV. Yea, I know it is a short term variance but WTF titan? It seems like I lose every single fckn hand. When I am dominating another hand they suck out on me and when I am dominated sometimes I can't suck out on them. I miss every draw, they are coolering me all day long and calling my all ins during the bubble with K6o even when I am chip leader and there is shorter stack then he has. These players don't pay any attention! If I would run normal I would reach 50$ or more after first week of my challenge for sure.

I AM NOT RESULTS ORIENTED so my plan is to continue my sng strategy. If I lose another 10$ I am gonna switch to cash games 0,01/0,02€ or something. If I lose my whole bankroll the challenge is failed.

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