wtorek, 6 maja 2014


Hey! I got 50,19$ on my account now. 

I had a free Monday, I didn't play anything. On Tuesday I won 10,36$ playing cash games. My rate was 10,38/100bb. 

I played also some MTTs freerolls but suckout in both on them being very deep in them. First I pushed AKs and got called by JTo. Flop comes ATx, 7 on turn and baaam! T on river. Fckn suckout man! In the second I had AcAd. Flop comes 8xx all clubs and one idiot push donk all in on this flop. He shows me K8o with K of clubs and bang! 8 of blue on the turn and I am out. I lost two tournaments where I was a big favourite which sucks.

I used Gold Coins to open a Treasure Boxes and I received 2 tokens for 2€ 12man SNG and 1$ for flip SnG. 

A good news are that I won a flip and finished 12man SNG on the second place so my bankroll is 59,10$ now.

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