czwartek, 8 maja 2014

UP, UP, UP!!! 

On Wednesday I had one losing session. I was running under EV line. They coolered me for a big pot one time, I catched a a big bluff and won a big pot with a small pair once and I also bluffed once in bad spot and I lost 1 buy in. I also won many many small pots and I ended up with -1,69$. I played for something like 1 hour then I didn't really feel well about my play that day so I quited session. You gotta know when to finish and not to tilt off more money.

The very next day was perfect. Actually I played one session for 2 hours. Here is a graph from this session:

As you can see there was almost no variance that day for me. I won 17,61$ and my bankroll is 75,18$.  I have a pretty good reads on guys on these limits. I know when to 3bet, when to 2 or 3 barrel, when they are bluffing and so on. I can take down many many small pots without a showdown but I think that these small pots are even more important then these big pots. 

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